Pulling Results for 5/18/24 Lawn & Garden Pull

750 LB Youth   --Trent RoyWheel Horse0.0’900 LB Adult   1stLyla NuttingBolens35.8’1100 LB Adult   1stCliff WoodmanBolens102.3’2ndCliff WoodmanSears Roper92.1’3rdLyla NuttingSears Roper81.0’1300 LB Adult   1stCliff WoodmanBolens131.0’2ndCliff WoodmanSears Roper107.4’3rdCole BerryCraftsman89.0’1500 LB Adult   1stArthur ChildsBolens133.9’2ndCole BerryCraftsman96.1’2000 LB Adult   1stArthur ChildsPower King124.2’2ndCole BerryFarmall…

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