Our pulling sport is built on volunteers, and one of the most important is the Flagman. While the engines roar loudly, the puller’s only contact during his or her pull is the flagman.

The Flagman is critical to the timing and safety of all pulling events. If you volunteer to be the Flagman, take your responsibility seriously, since the safety of both pullers and spectators are in your hands.

The Flagman must be aware of what is occurring around him and coordinate with the Sled Master before, during and after each pull. Both need to be clear on the rules and procedures.

The Flagman has total control of the track and must coordinate good hand and eye communication with the Sled Master, so everyone is aware of what is happening at all times.

The flagman should display the red flag, at all times, except when a good pull is in progress. Never display both the red and green flags at the same time, as this causes confusion. Before displaying the green flag to start a pull, ensure there are no spectators or pulling assistants on the track, including behind you. Clearly display the red flag on your judgment of a completed pull.

The flagman is to enforce the out of bounds and dropped parts rules at the time of the offense, not later. The flagman has clear view of the pulling tractor over the sledmaster.

MATC Flagger Guidelines

1. Has EDGETA insurance
2. Has a clear understanding of the pulling rules
3. Understand that the flagger has control of the track
4. No extra people on the track
5. Authority to stop a pull for any reason
6. Watches the track for safety concerns
7. Will stand to the side of the on-coming tractor
8. Will not stand in front of the distance and speed signs