The “stone boat pull” is similar to both our walk-on sled and progressive sleds. You are pulling distance using what we call a walk-on sled, but using weights instead of people. All tractors in a class must be weighted up to and as close to the weight class as possible. Like in our distance pulls. We really don’t care how much weight is on the sled. You just keep adding weight until you can’t move the sled anymore.

Classes: 0-2000, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500, 9500, 10,000

You might also have farm stock classes. The Host Branch determines classes.

Let’s say you have 10 tractors in the 4500-lb class; every tractor is allowed 2 tries to move the sled 10 feet. If the tractor doesn’t move the sled 10 feet then it is eliminated. If 6 of the tractors in the class make a full pull of 10 feet each, you add more weight to the sled and pull these 6 tractors again and they are allowed 2 tries to move the sled 10 feet. (The 2 tries are added together making a total distance of both tries). This time you eliminate 3 more tractors. You add more weight. They pull again. A is peg driven in the ground at a predetermined point at the rear of the sled before each pull. After the pull another peg is driven. The measurement between the 2 pegs is the pulling distance.


  • The “Stone Boat” Sled must be built with safety in mind to protect the puller, the sled operator and the public.
  • EDGETA recommends that 3/4″ alloy steel grade 80 chain and hooks which have a working load limit of 28,300# be used on stone boat sleds.
  • The branch safety advisor shall review the pulling chains, hooks and bolts.
  • The branch safety advisor must be satisfied that it meets all EDGETA requirements.
  • All weights must be built so they can be easily handled safely.
    Tractors not to exceed 100 HP.
  • Chain must be tight before the pull is started.
  • Must not jerk the chain when starting pull.
  • Stone boat pulls may have classes up to and including 14,000 pounds.
  • A full pull is 10 feet.
  • Suitcase weights may be used on all tractors in a Stone Boat Pull.
  • NO ALCOHOL is to be served or consumed at any EDGETA event.